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Classic Siding Color Schemes for Craftsman-Style Homes

Before you start finalizing the color scheme for your siding, it’d be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the basic design principles of your home’s architectural style. One of the most popular architectural styles in the country is Craftsman-style homes. 

Brief History 


The Craftsman style originated from the British Arts and Crafts movement in the 1860s, when Victorian-style homes were quite popular. In contrast to the intricate details of Victorian-style homes, this movement emphasized simplicity and the use of local natural materials. Eventually, the movement made its way to the U.S., resulting in the creation of Craftsman-style homes. 

The Appeal of a Craftsman-Style Exterior 


Craftsman-style homes are known for the distinct elements on their facade: these consist of exposed wood beams, dormers, a front porch gable or design elements made from a combination of glass, wood and metalwork. As for the structure of Craftsman-style homes, they often feature low, broad portions with little to no ornamentation. 


Design tip: Traditional Craftsman homes were usually made of brick, fieldstone and wood. But since these required quite a bit of upkeep, it’s not uncommon to find modern low-maintenance elements on a Craftsman-style home, like metal roofing for instance. 

Classic Siding Color Schemes for Craftsman-Style Homes 

  • Moss green and white – Thanks to their clean lines, Craftsman-style homes tend to blend in with their surroundings. Moss green isn’t as verdant as grass, but is more saturated than light green, getting just the right balance between blending inside and standing outside. White columns and trims, meanwhile, help add an airy feel to your exterior. 

  • Dark gray and white – These hues allow your exterior to pop. Here’s a design tip: make sure to install fade-resistant siding to make sure your siding stands out all year long. 

  • Cream and blue – You can’t ever go wrong with this classic color combination. 


Having trouble picking a color scheme? An experienced contractor can help. 

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