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House Bump Outs: Everything You Need to Know

A bump out is a cost-effective way to extend your home’s living space without the complexities of a full home addition. IHere’s what they can do for your home.

What Is a Bump Out?

A bump out is an additional space that is significantly smaller than a full-house addition and are typically smaller than an average bedroom. For example, attached in-law suites or “granny flats” can be considered bump outs as they are attachments that weren’t part of the original floor plan. Bay windows with corresponding floor space can also be considered as small bump outs.

There are no standard rules for bump out designs as long as they comply with local and international building codes. There are, however, certain characteristics that distinguish them from other types of remodeling:

  1. They can be as small as two feet – Bump outs may extend as far as 15 feet from the main structure, but the protrusion can be as relatively shallow as 2 feet. Despite their size, standard construction materials may be used on them.

  2. Small bump outs use cantilevers – A cantilever is a structural element anchored at a wall or other vertical element. Small bump outs, particularly those built at upper stories, are supported by cantilevers. Bigger bump outs typically require support posts.

  3. They don’t require their own HVAC system – Given their size, bump outs usually do not require their own HVAC system.

  4. They typically have a lean-to roof – Bump outs can be equipped with their own lean-to or shed roofing, or a flat roof (as opposed to extending the existing roof) and may have its own gutter system.

Advantages of a Bump Out

With perhaps the exception of granny flat – which typically can function as standalone living areas – bump outs are usually intended to expand small areas like kitchens, home offices or secondary bedrooms. Bump outs offer the immediate benefit of extended space and can be used for virtually anything that the room may need: room storage, space for a kitchen island or expanded dining area. Bump outs can even be used to expand a three-quarter bathroom to a full one. 

Whatever you need a bump out for, RoofCrafters, Inc. can help you build it. We also provide roof replacement and remodeling services. Give us a call at (512) 331-5500, or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.

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