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Roofing Insurance Essentials: What You Should Know

Understanding insurance policies can be a little overwhelming for the average layperson. However, this is such an important part of hiring roofing and siding contractors that you should at least have the basics down pat. Getting started is the main challenge here, but once you’ve started to pull at one string, the terms, conditions and other clauses will begin to unravel.

Understanding Coverage

First, you want to determine what events the insurance will cover. The best metal roofing company (or any type of roofing company, for that matter) will always have coverage for the most common roofing problems, such as storm damage and, in rare cases, even premature wear and tear caused by unforeseen circumstances. Make it a point to always reserve a few minutes of discussion with your contractor to talk about coverage before signing off on anything.

Minimums and Maximums

Insurance policies can be a great way to soften the financial blow of unforeseen events. It’s not meant to fully shield you from paying out of pocket, but it can serve as a substantial cushion. Policies will always clearly state the minimum and maximum amounts the provider will shoulder in case the insurance becomes needed. Your roofing contractor should be able to explain to you any financial responsibility you will have in the event a claim becomes necessary.

Extra Protection

Lastly, ask your roofing company about property protection that extends the policy coverage from your roofing to other parts of your home, such as any damaged items or interiors resulting from a roof failure. This is not a standard part of most policies; however, it’s a nice addition to have in case the worst comes to pass.

Get comprehensive insurance and warranty coverage on your roof and exteriors only at RoofCrafters, your leading local exterior remodeling company. Give us a call at (512) 337-3339, or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation and request a free estimate today.

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