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      Our Specialty Roofing is Something Really Special…With Green Options!

      Few Austin Roofing Contractors Do Custom Roofing

      Many of RoofCrafters roofs are specialty or custom made. This includes standing seam metal roofs, tile roofs, designer shingles, flat roof systems and a wide variety of options that go beyond the general categories, including eco-friendly roofing and energy efficient options.

      Eco-Friendly EcoStar Roofs

      Eco Star Recycled Roofing TilesAs an alternative to slate, concrete or tile, eco-friendly EcoStar roofs are made with some of today’s strongest, most flexible recycled materials, rubber and plastic. These roofs can even look like slate! EcoStar roofs offer excellent advantages, including a long life span, the capacity to withstand 100 mile an hour wind, and Class 4 impact resistance. Due to its durability, EcoStar qualifies you for insurance discounts.

      Slate Roofing

      With today’s production capabilities, slate is a discerning customer’s dream roof. As a natural stone product, slate has durability, longevity, and is energy efficient. It outperforms man-made materials and can carry up to a 100-year warranty.

      Stone Coated Steel Roofing

      Stone Coated Steel emulates the look of Spanish tile roofs as well as slate tiles, but is reinforced with steel panels that are protected from the elements by corrosion-resistant Galvalume. Our preferred product, Gerard Stone Coated Steel is walkable, low maintenance and lightweight. Its basecoat uses proprietary resins to promote lifetime performance in all climates, and stone chips in its Stone Coating that are non-oiled natural granite granules to improve adherence to the basecoat while enhancing the appearance of the panels.

      Call and talk to one of our Project Planners about designing a custom roof for you!

      Custom Roof Installation
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