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      Warning Signs That You Need Roof Repairs ASAP

      Your very first hint at needing a new roof is simply its age. Without combining any other complications, roofs should be replaced every twenty-five years at a minimum. But there are also many visual cues that may tip you off on serious hidden damage. Little problems will become big headaches if they’re not addressed right away.

      Here are the most common warning signs that indicate it’s time to have a professional come out to take a look.

      Shiny shingles

      When shingles wear down you can see the fiberglass mat beneath them. The sun will reflect off the mat and you’ll notice little glimmers on your roof. Shingles are meant to protect your home from the impact of rain and hail. When they’re worn enough to expose the fiberglass mat, it’s time to call a professional for an inspection.

      From Home Tips for Women

      Bits of shingle in the gutters

      As shingles approach the end of their life, many granules may flake off and be deposited in your rain gutters. Before you sweep out the leaves this fall, take a closer look for shingle granules…this means your shingles are degrading. Some “fall off” is normal, but it increases over time.

      If you see a lot, check to make sure branches aren’t blowing back and forth, rubbing off the granules (or even rubbing through the shingles!)

      Look for signs of moisture

      In the attic

      From Arican Help

      Even when your roof looks to be in good shape from the outside, check it out from the inside too. Smells of mildew, water marks, and black discoloration are signs of leakage. And while snow and ice are rarities in Texas, you can also check for “shiners”. Shiners are nails that have missed the framing member and become icy in cold weather. If the attic heats up again during the day, the ice will melt and cause water issues for your roof.

      From Green Building Advisor

      Inside the home

      There are often signs of declining roof performance within your home.

      Paint peeling from the walls, swells and bubbles, and dark spots on the ceiling are all indicators of water accumulation.

      Energy bill increases

      It’s normal for your energy bill to increase during the hot summer months, but your average yearly costs should be pretty consistent. If you’ve noticed a slow and steady climb in price along with a less effective A/C, the problem could be with your roof.

      Sagging and bubbling

      From BDC Magazine

      Every angle of your roof should have a consistently straight line. Dips in the roof, a “bubbling” pattern, curling, wrapping, or any other kind of warping is not normal for a healthy roof. Warping can occur due to a loss of adhesion between the shingles and the next layer of roofing material. Oftentimes this is due to trapped moisture. 

      Noticeable sagging can result from too much weight on the roof – and that’s one reason why you should avoid putting too many layers of shingles on top of one another.

      Missing and damaged shingles

      From CBS Local

      Missing and damaged shingles should seem like an obvious sign of roof damage – but how serious is it? When shingles are damaged, the area is immediately prone to water leakage. When water makes its way underneath a shingle, it begins to wear away at the layers underneath. Moisture eventually makes its way into the attic, inviting bugs, critters, algae, mold and more into your home. 

      It’s time for a check-up!

      Lots of warning signs are easy to spot. Don’t let a seemingly small roof issue turn into something you regret ignoring.

      The RoofCrafters team serves greater Austin with unmatched workmanship and service. Add your repair to our 25,000+ completed jobs throughout nearly 40 years in the roofing business. Get your roof checked by one of our experienced professionals today.


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