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Why RoofCrafters is Named a Top-3% Roofer in North America

It’s no secret that replacing your roof is a hefty investment for many families. But there’s a seemingly endless number of roofing companies to sift through – especially in the greater Austin area.

Frankly, not every roofer is a professional. Texas is a state that does not require roofers to be licensed, insured, or even registered with the state. So what separates one roofer from another? Take a look at why RoofCrafters is named a top-3% roofing company in America.

RoofCrafters’ MasterElite™ GAF Certification

General Aniline & Film (GAF) is part of the largest roofing business in the world. In fact, one in four American homes is protected by a GAF roof!

1 in 4 American homes is protected by a GAF roof!

Not only do they develop innovative roofing materials and solutions, but GAF also trains and certifies select companies as a way to support the very best roofing work in the industry. In order to reach their highest level of certification, GAF MasterElite™, roofing contractors must meet a specific set of business requirements:

  • Must have $1M+ in liability insurance
  • Must provide workman’s compensation when needed
  • Must be licensed in your state when required
  • Must maintain a good standing with the BBB and a good credit rating with Experian

Not only must a MasterElite contractor remain in good standing as a company, but they’re also highly trained in their skills. GAF training, consistently high customer reviews, and the ability and willingness to offer the strongest GAF warranties are required of all MasterElite contractors. Additionally, roofers are required to install a minimum amount of square footage before reaching the MasterElite level.

An unbeatable roofing warranty

As a GAF MasterElite roofing contractor, RoofCrafters is able to offer the Weather Stopper roof warranty package to all customers. While most contractors will offer some kind of warranty, Weather Stopper goes above and beyond.

The Weather Stopper Integrated System Limited Warranty includes:

  • Accessories and installation are covered
  • Coverage lasts 20 years
  • Includes 100% material replacement
  • Includes the cost of labor for roof corrections
  • Transferrable to the next homeowner

James Hardie Preferred Contractor Alliance

Another way we offer trust to our customers is through being a member of the James Hardie Preferred Contractor Alliance™. Hardie is America’s number one siding brand. Their lap, shingle, and vertical siding are constructed of fiber cement. It has a high tolerance for hot and humid climates.

Many of the same qualifications for contractors are shared by the Hardie Alliance and GAF’s MasterElite certification: company training, BBB accreditation, liability insurance, workman’s comp, etc. But in addition to these, Hardie Contractor Alliance members receive random installation audits to keep them accountable for each and every job.

Education over sales

Rather than lay out a hard sell, the RoofCrafters team wants to educate homeowners on their best roofing solutions. Choosing between materials, warranties, and companies may seem like a large undertaking. But we’re only here to help you compare your best options.

Take a look at our Google Reviews and A+ BBB information.

Staying on schedule and on budget are paramount to our success. Since 1981 we’ve provided Central Texas homeowners and businesses with stress-free roofing repairs and replacements.

Don’t settle for an independent contractor without the right credentials. If your roof or siding could use a professional inspection, give us a call!

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