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Top Quality Work on Your Home, By A Top Hardie Siding Contractor

RoofCrafters Recommends America’s #1 Brand, Durable James Hardie® Siding

James Hardie siding, with a non-prorated siding-lp30-year warranty, is one of RoofCrafters’ favorite products. The Hardie Plank lap siding, shingle siding and vertical siding are made of fiber cement. This makes them ideal for hot, humid conditions. Hardie siding has the beauty and character of wood, yet is made from renewable and recyclable resources that will not crack, rot, or delaminate. Industry professionals consider it to be a green and sustainable product.

Hardie siding is noncombustible and resists damage by hail, termites, and up to 130 mph winds (that’s a Category 3 hurricane). It allows easy color changes and holds paint better and significantly longer than wood or Masonite siding. As a bonus, it frequently translates into insurance discounts!

Attention to the Integrity of Your Structure

James Hardie Preferred RemodelerRoofCrafters has a commitment to the integrity of your structure. While some contractors are content to overlook rotted framing materials or quickly cover them over, RoofCrafters is ready to take on almost any framing task, including structural damage and adding nailers to accommodate proper fastenings. Re-siding your home or business is also a great opportunity to enhance your insulation to create a more energy efficient and comfortable environment. If you would like to boost your insulation, we can help you with that at the same time we’re doing your siding job.

Contact us with any questions regarding your siding replacement or siding installation in the Austin area.

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