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Brighten Up Your Home Inside and Out with Professional House Painting

Painting isn’t for amateurs…doing the job right means detailed prep work and caulking, and quality paint.

Man, house painting, Austin painting companyPaint is as important as any other exterior component. Exterior painting is one of the least expensive ways to give your home or business a fresh new look, and its a first line of defense against the climate’s harsh elements. Keep it in good condition and it will serve you and everything it protects well.

At RoofCrafters, Inc., as experienced Austin painting contractors, we understand that the painting prep work is vital and we invest the time to make sure everything is in order before we begin. We offer a variety of top quality paint brands and unlike any other product you have every color in the world from which to choose!

If you’ve already waited too long, our skilled craftsmen can get your home or business siding, trim and doors back in top shape rather than simply painting over the problem. For those who need a complete siding replacement we highly recommend Hardie Siding. It holds paint longer and better than many other siding products available.

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