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Bright Idea: Skylights and Sun Tunnels

A great way to bring natural light into your home

SkylightsAre you interested in adding the beauty and warmth of natural light to your home? A skylight or sun tunnel is a fantastic way to brighten up a dark room. They can even help air flow, since some skylights open to allow fresh air to circulate! It’s especially easy to add one when RoofCrafters is doing your roofing project. And we’re a certified VELUX installer!

Where Should I Put a Skylight or Sun Tunnel?

Skylight InstallationIf you’re not sure where you should put one of these extra sources of natural light, think of the spaces in your home where you’re regularly turning on a light during daytime hours. Whether insufficient light is due to lack of windows or the house’s orientation relative to the sun’s path, a skylight or sun tunnel can make a huge difference. RoofCrafters has installed skylights and sun tunnels in main living areas, bathrooms, kitchens, large closets, hallways, offices, laundry and utility rooms, and more. Many people enjoy the way natural light makes them feel, and it certainly makes a space more inviting. The best part about a new skylight or sun tunnel is that it brings you daily enjoyment now and adds value to the home when it’s time to sell!

Are Skylights and Sun Tunnels Water Tight?

Sun TunnelToo many people have had bad experiences with leaky lights from above. When you hire RoofCrafters to install your skylight or sun tunnel, you get the benefit of having experienced craftsmen and carpenters to do the framing required. Because our company was founded on doing excellent roofing in Austin‘s crazy weather, we have the expertise to tie in the roofing and flashing correctly to give you a leak-free experience through any weather. Although you can typically add a skylight without redoing your roof, it becomes risky if you have an older roof where the materials have become more brittle. If the roofing materials tied in with the skylight crack or break, the elements can get in. It’s important that we look over this with you very closely.

Need some guidance on whether a skylight or sun tunnel is right for you? Not sure what particular locations or options will work in your home? Ask a RoofCrafters Project Planner for more information! They can make recommendations right for your space and answer all of your questions.

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